Brexit Means Brexit

Utterly flabbergasted to watch the BBC’s ‘Brexit Means Brexit’ programme. I voted Remain but this is appalling – incredibly biased, this non impartial reporting makes a mockery of the BBC. Just embarrassing to watch. Really saddened and ashamed of the BBC for broadcasting this.

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  1. F Heaton

    If the BBC wants to keep its licence-funded existence, it is essential to be an unbiased, non-partisan organisation.

    Their programmes featuring Brexit always focus on negatives, rather than the many positives of leaving the EU. Rarely are the negatives of the EU today (including even closer involvement between member states in the future) mentioned.

    The expensive membership fees, lack of direction regarding immigration, waste of funds, beaurocracy, etc) are rarely given a mention. In my opinion, the BBC is fast losing its credibility as a first-rate news source.

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