Running the occasional “Have your say” selection of tweets. Of course, rather than reflecting the 50/50 mood of the nation, there are typically 4 per box, three pro-EU and one against.

They really don’t get it, do they?

2 Comments on “Brexit…Live”

  1. D L M Stringer

    No, the BBC NEVER get it! They have their own political agenda; to destroy the UK! Today, they have a never ending “analysis” of unfolding events! The bias is obvious.

    The are giving a disproportionate amount of time to the “Scottish Fish” who is seeking another Scottish referendum to separate from the UK only 2 years after she was defeated in 2014! In addition the Fish is seeking meetings with EU Leaders to negotiate Scotland’s place inside the EU! In my opinion, this is an act of treason and she should be arrested (none too delicately), taken to London and locked in the Tower of London! The London Lout, Khan, has suggested the same (I do not yet have evidence for this) for London! If so, he should join the fish in the Tower.

    The second area of bias is in the online petition calling for a second referendum to remain in the EU! The BBC are giving updates on the numbers posting online! I do not pay my TV TAX for the BBC to encourage anti democratic behaviour! They are encouraging the behaviour of the worst kindergarten thuggery. You don’t win, so you demand a rematch and so on until violence erupts!

    There are losers, bad losers and the BBC! Time for a huge change to remove the Marxists from the BBC and their fellow travellers!

  2. Jean Joyce

    Why are we not at the summit today. As I understand it, we have not left yet and are still paying our way. It is reported they are not discussing Brexit so why not. We need to know what’s happening outside Brexit in Europe if we are still funding as normal

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