Brexit Deal

I watched Laura Kuenssberg’s recent programme on Brexit with mounting incredulity. In the end I could barely decide which was worst: the shallowness of her political analysis, the inanity of the imagery and old films used to intercut her remarks, or the anti-Brexit bias of her reporting. We saw many of the same old prominent Remainers rolled out again (politicians and Eurocrats alike) to tell us how stupid we were to vote Leave, including the BBC’s current favourite son Tony Blair. Laura engaged with these bitter old men and women in what looked like conspiratorial glee and did not challenge their messages of gloom. On the other hand, she treated the Brexiteers (Gove, Johnson and Davies) as if they were naughty children who didn’t understand just how serious all this was. Coming after so many lesser examples of the BBC’s continuing anti-Brexit bias ever since the vote (as well as before it), this programme hit rock bottom for me. Let’s hear about the practicalities by all means – but let’s have them treated in a ‘can do’ fashion rather than wagging fingers at us for being so silly as to think we could ever leave. The comparison with Greenland’s withdrawal from the EU just had me gasping for air! Perhaps the BBC should change its name to the European Union Propaganda Service?

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  1. Maureen waller

    I’m totally fed up with the outrageous bias of the BBC news programmes. If there is a way to put the worst possible spin on things they will find it – especially if it involves Tory party. Also, some “reporters” are much too aggressive when interviewing Tory politicians. How these people can insist on the licence fee being levied when so many people are dissatisfied is a mystery.

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