Brexit Britian biggest deal

Laura Kuenssberg documentary on the upcoming negations with the European Union as we attempt to leave. This show was not impartial in any way; I would expect the BBC to provide balance reporting and not to make assumptions about what will happen. The language was highly negative and this was just an extension of the doom and gloom that the remain side used during the referendum. This documentary was designed at a negative portrayal of life outside the European Union, lots of negative language and imagery such as She walked around the streets with a large cheque stating the possible exit fee will be 50 billion pounds, which again nothing has been decided, with Boris Johnson himself stating the bill was not reasonable, and this payment will be challenged. Car driving off cliffs. There was also unfair treatment of the guests who represented Brexit, Those who supported Brexit were offered questions by Laura in which she seemed to be offered a fair response, she either didn’t like the answer given and pressured them, had a silly facial expression and acted like the interviewee hadn’t understood the question that was being put with them or tried to back the interviewee into a corner. Those who were pre- remaining seem to get smiles of acceptance and nods of agreement. No pressure was put onto these. There was no real attempted balance even though they tried by having Tim Farron in a small group discussion. Realistically there were no positive or Optimistic views of what could happen, there were 2 experts 1 lawyer telling us how difficult the challenge of leaving the EU and the changes in legislation, I believe the Government have already stated that EU Laws will be transferred over to the statue books of the UK and they will begin looking through and making amendment and changes over time. So this is not something that needs to happen over the 2 year negotiating period. This had been wilfully left out, There was a former chief trade negotiator with the EU and how Bad leaving the EU would be for the United Kingdom and how difficult things were going to get. No counter balance or the lawyer or the trade negotiator. These statements were not put those in the programme representing Brexit such as David Davis or Boris Johnson ministers for comment. If this is the battle for Brexit the BBC has decided which side of the line it stands and that is with Brussels and the European Union. The BBC is not impartial drastically needs to return to its roots and a Neutral source.

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