Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal

Please can the BBC at least try and keep it’s documentaries just biased towards reamaining in the E.U. This programme had the head of politics , Laura Kuenssberg, going around the streets with a giant cheque for £50Bn asking people if they were prepared to pay that amount to leave the E.U. This is cosdwollop, nothing has been decided on that front, It was like watching a politician campaigning for remain! Along with bias at almost every turn, we should have a referendum on the licence fee!

One Comment on ““Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal”

  1. Polly

    It’s amazing how any documentary that is not 100% behind brexit is seen as bias. There is only one group of people showing blatant bias and that is the brexiters themselves. They do not respect democracy or freedom of speech unless, of course, it is in their favour.

    The future for Britain is very bleak if these are the people deciding and shaping our future.

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