Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal

Laura Kuenssberg’s interviewing approach was very unbalanced. Her questioning of Brexit supporters was consistently hostile and frequently leading. For example, a question to David Davis – “For swathes of voters, shouldn’t you be preparing them for something rather different to what they think they were promised?” Sometimes it wasn’t just hostile questions but hostile statements. She said to Boris Johnson – “We cannot get a deal that is going to be as good as our current relationships inside the single market.” But with pro-Remainers, she time and again failed to ask challenging questions. There was no suggestion to Nicola Sturgeon that leaving the UK would still leave Scotland outside the EU and no guarantee of rejoining. There was no challenge to either Nicola Sturgeon or Sadiq Khan about the workability of exempting Scotland and London from immigration controls. Or else her questions were utterly tame. To William Hague she said “Is it right to compare this to a challenge as great as the Second World War?” With Tony Blair she came up with “Do you think that we are potentially at the start of a really fundamental reshaping of British politics?” I was left in no doubt where Laura Kuenssberg’s sympathies lie.

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