Brexit Britains biggest deal

I am so sick of the BBC biased views by this commentator Laura Kuensberg .This programme was one sided and pro EU.There was no balanced argument at all.How on earth was slimy Blair and Soubrey allowed to air so much trash..I hate paying a licence fee to fund trash like this,.I will never watch this vile women Laura Kuensberg again.A typical remoaner you can see it a mile off…TOTAL BIAS

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  1. James Hadwin-Jones

    This was a superb piece of journalism – it anything but biased. This documentary sets out clearly how we will all be poorer, have fewer basic human rights guaranteed, ruin our children’s future, destroy our national health service and basically take ourselves back a century. And all because we we too stupid to know the difference between facts and lies. Well done Britain. I myself am one of many doctors preparing to leave the UK to seek a life elsewhere. Unlike most of my colleagues, who are Spanish, and therefore not feeling welcome, I am British born and bred. But this is no longer my home – I don’t want to contribute to such a backward looking society which only cares about pettiness. I would rather take my skills. Judging by the number of people I know who are doing the same, they’ll be no one left in the hospitals; as a nurse I know said at her farewell gathering last week (Brexit instigated, he’s off to Canada) ‘what’s worse than a Polish nurse? No nurse’. Good luck to the jingoistic, I hope patriotism is enough to feed you and your families in the self-styled depression.

    1. Gary Aldridge

      Farewell James and good luck. Firstly on what “facts” have you on your diotic claims you make – that will be none then – right ?
      With your doom and gloom attitude good riddance I am confident this country will prevail with or without you !

  2. D chin

    I’m shock that BBC aired a one sided programme. Who is Kuensberg? Is she another Gina Miller who do not respect democracy and tried to over turn it? She makes people who voted out sounds stupid

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