Brexit Britain – A month in

I surely cannot be the only one to complain about this programme.

Why are the BBC pushing for a second vote on EU when we are a democratic country apparently? And why is no one defending our rights on the BBC regarding the fact that we do not have second or third votes in this country to get your own way?

Why is the BBC pushing the dangerous notion that we voted out purely on immigration? Not only nonsense but inciteful?

Why the BBC allow a complete left-wing writer in Paul Mason to call everyone who voted to leave a racist? This is outrageous, how very dare he, and again, no-one to defend us.

Why is it that when the conservative MP, Mr Kwarteng, said that the leave voters are appalled by the remainers rhetoric and actions over a second vote, which we are, he is heckled and shouted down by a majority remain audience because they held it in West London – funny, I thought the BBC was in Manchester?

Does this country not realise that the reason we voted to leave is exactly because of what is happening now, lefties trying to get an autocratic state just like Mr Juncckers wants? There will be no second vote, I live in a democratic country and that is the end of that.

Who is questioning the BBC over their obvious efforts to get us back in the EU via the common market, still trying to give our country and wealth away with more treaties that are treasonous to this country’s future?

Why do I pay the BBC licence for this obvious bias, they are as about as far away from being independent as you can possibly get, it is yet another farce in this country.

Why is no one questioning the BBC on their obvious attempts to get a second vote by latching on to what happens with Brexit? It does not matter, we voted, we left, end of story.

Please let me know where else to write as the BBC has been out of control on taxpayers money for years now and something needs to be done.

I will also not be called a racist by Paul Mason, who is obviously not as clever as he likes to make out as that is typical left lowbrow sound bites – please let me know who I can directly complain to about him, complete disgrace, typical of the remain campaigners, naive, uneducated and rude.

Also why is Paul Mason allowed to openly lie on this programme? Yes, Scotland can leave the UK but they will never be allowed to join the EU as Spain would always veto it because of the Catalan situation there, end of that story. Whereas Mr Mason seems to think that Scotland, in his words, ‘should leave the UK and join the EU’, just like that, easy as 123?

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  1. Peter12

    I was livid when I watched (a recording of) this programme. It is incredible that the BBC is involved in such a propaganda exercise to undermine the democratic processes in our Country? Doesn’t this fall in the definition of ‘subversive’ activity? Why does the BBC allow Evan Davis to push his own views onto the panel, the audience and the viewers? Where was any resemblance to balance in terms of the chosen audience (almost exclusively ‘Remain’ people) and in terms of panellists (two ‘Remain’ supporters vs only one ‘Leave’ supporter who was continuously interrupted by Evan Davis)? Should the BBC become a vehicle and an instrument in propagating personal agendas like trying to force a second referendum (or is it, “however many referenda it would take to get the ‘Remain’ result” that presumably he personally favours)?

    Had the EU referendum produced the opposite result would Evan Davis be asking for a rerun? Or ‘Best of three, maybe? I think it is disgraceful as well as being dangerous to keep on undermining our democratic processes, and if Evan Davis wishes to pursue that agenda then he should not be working for the BBC which is paid by the people of our ‘democratic’ country, nor should the BBC allow itself to be used as an instrument of an undemocratic activity.

    Another important point to clarify to Evan Davis is this: debating the level and the nature of immigration is NOT being racist and people who raise the issue are not bigots. On the contrary, it is such people who attempt to block a perfectly rational and democratic discussion on level of immigration by calling people ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’, are!

  2. Hilly

    I have written to the BBC a number of times about their bias but have not had any reply to my complaints. I work in social research and know how upset the out voters are by the continuous misrepresentation of their views and the lack of balance in regard to the outcome of the referendum. The BBC is affecting its own standing by this sort of conduct. I no longer use the BBC as a source of news and current affairs because I can no longer trust their reporting, how do I know other issues are not being presented with bias and partiality. I once held the BBC in very high regard but no longer. I am most concerned about the World Service, as this reflects the UKs image worldwide and has not escaped the blatant bias. The ‘fat cats’ of the EU must be laughing all the way to their Swiss banks as the real issues in regard to why so many people voted out have not been explored at all! Shame on you BBC.

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