Brexit and Food – a food programme special

I will admit to not having heard all of this programme but I listened for half an hour and heard nothing but negativity regarding the effects of voting Leave on our country. Each time a negative was given I was able to counter it with a positive but I only heard one occasion where the presenter did so (that expensive American hops might lead to us growing more hops in Britain and to our using them). They kept speaking of the effect of the value of the pound having dropped but they insisted that that was bad for our whiskey exporters (the opposite is surely true) and nobody seemed to be aware that the value of the pound has now risen regardless! A chap said that we would have no farm labourers because they all come from other EU countries and suggested that the people that voted Leave should do these jobs instead! Nobody reminded him that if we couldn’t fill these positions with either people from outside Britain but who were already here or British people (regardless of which way they voted), that we could bring people in from Europe or from anywhere else in the world (under the system that has been suggested!)

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  1. John Harvey

    Yes I happened to listen to same programme while in my car: it was totally biased with pseudo evidence and no attempt at balance or giving the other side of the argument. it seems that every BBB programme is required to send out an anti-Brexit message.

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