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It was last week’s Emma Barnett interview with Nick Clegg, who is not an MP anymore. Nick Clegg was not questioned at all about his Remoaning, and mistaken, destructive, undemocratic, untrue beliefs.  All votes are equal, and us brexiteers got much more votes; just the same as when we were dragged in to the EU in the 1970s! Now, the same we are being thank god dragged out of it, to freedom for the UK; for all of us. We do not want what the EU forced on Ireland, a second Referendum! That was
not right. Also we do not want dope legalized, it causes brain damage etc. So please do not keep imposing on us Nick Clegg. This is why he lost his seat, his unpatriotic, Loony, beliefs are not popular. Emma Barnett must be Lib dem, or some kind of Loony Left, as she gave only Nick Clegg a completely easy ride, this is not fair. Nick Clegg is not a MP anymore, or in the EU unfortunately anymore. So, why do we have to keep having him in the newspapers, and on the radio. Because
it is part of your Loony Left agenda. Like the Climate change, and constant, tiresome, Trump bashing! Donald Trump has every right of a State visit, with the Queen to. I am very grateful for what Donald Trump has done to help the unborn child, and our religious freedom.

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