Three stories in a row that give far greater emphasis for remain – disgraceful.
I) Cheap Labour – Strawberry pickers – who else would do it? (what do they do the migrants do when there are no strawberries left to pick and couldn’t students do this work?)
ii) Car manufacturing supporting Remain
iii) The non-story of a MP changing sides, when nobody was aware of her initial position anyway.
Then connecting the Leave campaign to UKIPs posters was a low blow and not representative of most Leave supporters but this obviously helps to make a solid connection with Leave and racism.
The BBC should not be trying to ‘Nanny’ viewers or carryout the Prime Minister’s dirty work, it is underhanded, condescending and utterly unacceptable.
As I wrote this at 6.53am we then get the next story of how the uncertainty is affecting the pound and possibly interest rates. It always follows the same pattern: BAD NEWS – if we leave, then a couple of words of how leave might not be too bad, perhaps, possibly.

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