The BBC have consistently shown bias towards staying in the EU. They usually directly quote those who wish to remain in the EU and explore what they have said in depth, adding graphics and other images to illustrate their opinions then make some indirect remark from those who would contradict this opinion.

This morning there was a sustained ‘report’ at approximately 8:30 am presented by Charlie Stayt, which clearly showed them flaunting high-budget pro-EU propaganda that the British public have had to pay for. It is easy to see the parallel between the BBC and the EU in this regard. The report centred on saying we ‘do not pay the EU £361mper week’ because they ‘give us’ £173m per week, clearly attempting to undermine the claims of those who wish to leave the EU. Then they focused on the wonderful ‘keyword’ things we can spend this ‘payment’ on, strongly illustrating each of them. They then tried to trivialise the remaining deficit.

Previously I was opposed to the outrageous licence fee, now I am opposed to the existence of the BBC as they have once again clearly demonstrated that they can and will abuse their power without impediment from those who must pay them, no matter how opposed to their views.

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  1. Nigel Wrightson

    I saw this and it annoyed me that the rebate was included in the total payment to the EU as we don’t pay that sum it should not have been shown as our total payment. It was clearly put into the block graphic to add to the amount of money in funding we receive back to give a disproportionate view of the cost v benefits argument

  2. Tony Braybon

    In addition to the above, at the end of the “analysis” Stayt made a statement about how the money “coming to Britain” adds up to around £16b- over 5 years! Whereas all the talk up to that point was the ca £8b paid to the EU – Which is EVERY year!
    The BBC is becoming more of an EU propaganda disgrace every day.
    I just hope the electorate can see through this scam and vote accordingly.

  3. J Matthews

    Stayt’s interview this morning with Liz Truss was overly aggressive, almost rude and felt anti – government. I have watched the BBC news for over 50 years and find the morning offering substandard by BBC historical standards. Stayt gives the overall impression of political bias in the BBC – an ever increasing complaint. The experience of the people presenting this news programme is intellectually underwhelming. Gone are the days of the quality of the likes of Robert Dougal, Richard Baker, Kate Adie, Raymond Baxter, Jennie Bond, Michael Buerk and many more..

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