We are in our 70s and until a few years ago were staunch supporters of the BBC and its “British” values of fairness, honesty and patriotism, not any more. It seems to us that the BBC has become a pseudo political party in its own right currently engaged in not only outrageous political bias but almost an anti establishment crusade. The announcement by David Davis 13/11/2017 has again brought to our screens the bitter caustic and twisted reporting from Laura Kuenssberg and the inevitable wheeling out of Anna Soubry and Ken Clarke for extended biased interview coverage. Where is the impartiality, where is the balance, where is the opposing view ?? We now switch over to ITV and Aljazeera for a more balanced view and to find out what is happening in the rest of the world not just the ‘Brexit bubble’. There HAS to be something that can be done as we strongly object to funding this political party through our license fee. The answer – Axe the BBC News division from the rest of the corporation and let it become self funding.

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