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BBC website has a prominent headline of “Out vote could harm nato – US general”.
The text then summarises an interview by Radio 4 Today with US General Hodges. To be fair, he does imply a concern about the impact of EU-UK discord on the ability of NATO to function at maximum effectiveness. However, he does not go as far as to say the UK leaving the EU could harm NATO.
Worse, on the same website article, there is no mention at all of the later interview by Today of Richard Kemp, ex UK commander in Afghanistan. Perhaps this is because Mr Kemp clearly stated that there was no such issue, and that the UK leaving the EU could actually be beneficial?
Yet more pro-EU “bias by omission” from the BBC.

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  1. Ben (@Ben227722)

    Exactly true! The same shabby treatment on the Radio 4 News this morning – see my comment later. I agree with you about bias by omission – it is one of the worst things about the BBC – selective reporting to subtly influence the public – quite unforgivable!

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