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Project Sulk. BBC Website. Ever since UK citizens had the temerity to vote Leave, the BBC has been grumpy. One of many examples is Young Voters. On 24 June, a Jon Kelly article appeared on the website Magazine section. Of course, it gave a pro-EU biased view. Typically, it was economical with the evidence. We were told youngsters were livid with the older generation because 75% of them voted for Remain. Hang on a minute. The only current polling estimates we have is from Sky Data, who suggested only 36% of 18-24 year olds actually voted. 75% of 36% makes 27% of youngsters that actually cared enough to vote for Remain. Now, that puts a very different perspective on the strength of emotions. Fair enough, vast majority of those that voted are likely to have supported Remain. But, and something completely ignored in the BBC article, they were likely to have been a small minority of the total youngsters eligible to vote. We can expect a lot more of such stories, as the BBC continues its unduly partial analysis.

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  1. shocked

    i couldn’t agree more. I see today that bbc online has gone the whole hog and created a section of stories under the banner divided britain. I guess that was inevitable given it has produced so many stories and no sniff of a story on reconciliation or moving forward in hope. I am shocked that the bbc is so hell bent on its editorial line to discredit brexit that it sees no issue in creating and feeding public unrest. No doubt it will feel justified if it manages to create a riot. The remain view is a mjnority view and should be treated as such. Where is the balance ?

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