BBC Radio 4’s Brexit Street

I enjoy listening to Radio 4 every so often to keep up-to-date with current affairs. I’m a massive fan of the BBC’s natural history unit and of course Sir David Attenborough, but I’ve been so disappointed and have felt let-down in their hilariously obvious, biased coverage of Brexit, before, during and after the Referendum… Get over it BBC!
Brexit Street on Radio 4 is a show whereby a biased reporter/journalist or whoever she is hosting the show, is visiting some obviously well selected residents of a small street of a northern English town. This town happens to have one of the highest unemployment rates in the UK and one of the highest proportion of ‘leave’ votes in Britain. It portrays a stereotype of Brexit ‘leave’ voters by asking questions to a handful of unemployed, out-of-touch individuals, who seemingly do not know a great deal about the EU and all of the reasons behind the Government’s decision to hold a Referendum. Therefore not really knowing the reasons of why they voted apart from “‘avin’ are country back!” (yes, I have spelled ‘are’ instead of ‘our’ on purpose!) and a few other ill-informed opinions. The show feels like a far-left, Londoner’s cheap shot of stereotyping ‘leave’ Brexit voters. Even the name ‘Brexit Street’ is a patronising title. I somehow doubt they’ll be interviewing all of the well educated, hard-working people living all around England, outside of London who also voted to leave the European Union, that were not influenced by the likes of Nigel Farage or fear of immigrants etc.

Get over it BBC! The vote has been won fairly by the majority and the decision has been made. It’s a triumph for democracy and all drops in the strength of pound Sterling and UK shares etc. were expected. Give it a year or 2 to test the water following such a huge worldwide decision by Britain, one of the world leading economies for centuries, before you can have snips and snipes at what has happened overnight!

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