BBC Online

Every time I visit the BBC news website, and the main headline relates to the EU referendum, it is ALWAYS pro-EU. As someone who doesn’t know which option is best I (and I suspect many other browsers) are being moved to vote pro-EU albeit subliminally.

Some of the large emboldened main headlines have been:

Carney says EU has helped UK economy
EU referendum: Hollande warns of ‘consequences’ for UK
EU exit would risk jobs, says group of business bosses

These words are in big font and the first you see on the page, and the words are always chosen to scare away a leave EU vote. I’ve not seen any to the contrary, i.e. to keep the balance. Even typing EU referendum into the BBC search box shows a wealth of pro-EU headlines.

Please could you monitor this blatant propaganda. Suggest recording the main headline each day and you’ll see what I mean. It’s an important decision and the BBC are swaying us.

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