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I voted leave in the EU Referendum and, quelle surprise, got my wish. Friday onwards should have been euphoric, days of celebration for British independence, a coming together of the country and uniting the divisions that have blighted this country on the run up to the vote. Today, I feel sadness. The divisions have only widened and the BBC has had a massive hand in it. I’ve heard them over the last few months blaming parties like UKIP for stirring hatred and creating divisions in the country but it is the BBC that are dividing us. On their website, under the heading ‘reaction from Brexit, live’, their reporting has been predominantly doom and gloom, separation and division. Taking aside the faux hilarity of David Lammy, democratically elected MP for Tottenham, who claims the referendum result should be overturned, the BBC has given license to young voices to offend older voters (millions who have spent decades paying into not only our government but the EU). They have posted many separatist remarks of how the referendum would have been won had the older voters been taken out of the equation (are they looking at implementing Logan’s Run as a policy?), how regional votes upset the London and Scottish votes and appear to be fanning the flames of young against old, london against the rest of us.
This is supposed to be a period when we are looking forward together, when we are mending the wounds created in the run up to referendum and building towards something better. The BBC are stirring up trouble and, the way they are continuing with their negative reporting, I don’t see it slowing down.
I’ve complained to the BBC regarding their assumption that 17.4m people are racist, xenophobic, old and uneducated (I’m actually a 38 yr old postgraduate, not racist and very outward looking). I doubt very much the BBC will apologize, privately or publicly, but they should – to every single person they’ve offended with their straw polls – 12,000 from 17.4m isn’t exactly accurate as is polling.
The BBC are appalling, offensive and divisive and should be made to apologize and change the way they report. Unfortunately, they never will.

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  1. D L M Stringer

    I agree with you! The BBC has become a national disgrace and should be stopped IMMEDIATELY from showing any bias whatsoever! Their left wing trendies thrive on telling lies for it furthers their primary aim, namely, the destruction of the UK! Marxism, as a so-called philosophy has been discredited for many years. A theory that claims to be scientific must submit to scientific methodology. Marxism did not take root in highly industrialised countries like the UK as Marx stated, but in more rural countries like Russia! Hence Marxism is NOT scientific!
    However, the BBC remains a Marxist rathole. My father, very well qualified in his field, joined the Communist Party Of Great Britain in the 1950s on advice. He was interviewed by the BBC on his political beliefs and his qualifications for the work were barely mentioned. He did not get the job because he was not left wing enough!
    Idiots like Marr and Neill should be dismissed immediately. They think they are so clever and tough, but they are not! They are windbags with little brain who, as my father used to say, “could not knock their way out of a wet paper bag!”
    Finally, the BBC is not democratic! It is attempting to enslave the people who are taxed to support them. It does NOT believe in the principle of one person, one vote, hence its propaganda in support of a second referendum and/or the breakup of the UK. Anyone who disagrees with their point of view is deemed a racist or something similar.
    In my opinion, a fighting fund should be implemented to mount a legal challenge to the BBC if the government does not have the courage to take action! Another possibility is for the 17,000,000+ people who voted Leave should refuse to pay the TV licence fee. Imagine what would happen to the BBC! The courts would be unable to cope and the Government would be obliged to intervene!

  2. Michael

    Well put, D L M Stringer. I have already informed the BBC that, when my current license expires at the end of October, I will not be renewing it. If every person, who feels that the BBC is not speaking for them, that the BBC has become too divisive, too left wing and too concerned with its own agenda rather than serving the British people who pay their wages, refuses to renew/purchase their TV license, the BBC will have to listen. Politicians can dig away as much as they want with our state broadcaster and get nowhere but nothing says dissent as much as losing that financial gain.
    We must take a stand and tell the BBC that their position is not good enough.

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