BBC Online

For the first time in my life I have written to the BBC about their biased reporting – in particular their BBC News website. I wake most mornings to read/listen to statements such as “Gordon Brown WILL say XXXX, or David Cameron will say later today XXX.” (This was particularly strong in the last few days with the Remain campaign relaunch). That isn’t news reporting it is reading out of press releases/propoganda. I may be biased and just imagining it but I can’t think of an example where a Brexit statement has been promoted hourly in advance of it being made. If any reference is made to a Brexit statement it is prefaced with “Farage CLAIMS”, etc.

Finally if we all have one vote each then why is so much emphasis being given to what the Elites, Business leaders, Luvvies think – every time Boris Cumberbatch or Lord Sugar is interviewed there should be equal time given to an ordinary British Citizen voter in a Doctor’s queue in Fleetwood or sitting in a traffic jam in outer London or pleading with the local housing authority in Dover!

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