BBC Online

Sensational!! IMF – EU Exit could cause severe damage! Headline news, the BBC might say, but i haven’t seen a single pro leave story headlining the BBC – you may correct me if i am wrong.
Add to that, headline news this morning – John Whittingdale, a Brexiteer, had a relationship with a sex worker. A story that was inconsequential at the time, so much so the media didn’t print as it was irrelevant but the BBC are all over it. Why? Is it because Mr Whittingdale has been attempting to reign in some of the BBC’s powers or is it because he is pro leave and they are attempting to discredit a high profile member of the leave campaign, force him into resignation so that he is replaced by a pro EU minister? Am i cynical? Maybe but the BBC hasn’t given me any reason to be otherwise.
(And why do the BBC use the word ‘sex worker’ rather than prostitute? Is it because they shamelessly prostitute the EU to the UK public on mass and they don’t want to confuse the two? Something to think about.)

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