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I see the BBC are leading with the Andrea Leadsom “being a mum and what she said to The Times” article. The relentless showering of negative sulky pro EU remain articles since the leave result have hopefully fallen on deaf ears now, with the BBC unable to defend its bias towards EU remain. Lets try another tack!. Lets show our bias by exaggerating the significance of everything the Brexit leading contender in the Conservative Leadership contest has to say. At least that way we can use our influence to have a pro remain leader!. A majority of the voting population chose to ignore the propaganda fed to us by the establishment, media and so called “experts”. I think Andrea Leadsom should take it as a massive boost to her campaign every time the BBC runs a negative article about her. The public are intelligent enough to see through the bias. Well done Andrea for daring to say what she thinks in an interview. Motherhood, Trident, Religion, Gay marriage. We might not agree with everything she says but wow, how refreshing to have a politician that actually answers the question asked of them. You find ways to discredit her and you will assist in helping to make her the next Prime Minister. As an average member of society, I would have thought there were far more important issues to make the lead item on your news. Fall out from The Chilcott enquiry for example. Honour the lives of all the thousands that died during and following the Iraq war by holding a few of the decision makers to account. I dont suppose that fits your agenda though.

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  1. Kevin Carling

    Well said, the gay marriage, anti hunting brigade are going potty but it’s nice to hear someone who doesn’t toe the line

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