BBC News Website

We’re told that, in a poll for BBC Newsnight, Ipsos MORI interviewed 1,077 people between Wednesday and Thursday. Not exactly a huge number compared with the millions who actually voted in the EU referendum. But even out of this paltry sample, it seems that 78% accept the democratic will of the people, unlike the BBC who – from those numbers – create the misleading headline “A third of voters think Brexit won’t happen – poll”. A third of 1,077 is 359 people! And how about “Two thirds of voters think Brexit will happen”? WHAT has happened to the BBC and its claim to provide unbiased, trusted news? It seems to have morphed into a tabloid rag, but one that has the dangerous power to spread its influence around the world – all funded by the British public, the majority of whose views it is refusing to reflect. I NEVER thought I would say this, but its licence MUST be revoked.

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