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BBC News website is excelling itself today. Features include, Thousands gather for Brexit protest, Immigrants who voted leave (sounds balanced but watch it and judge for yourself), Brexit graduate gap (sounds balanced but judge for yourself), Brexit brawls, Can the law stop Brexit?, Worrying times – exposing hate crimes on Facebook (features a stop immigration – start repatriation banner). Where are the balanced, positive, in the public interest messages following such a monumental positive display of democracy in this Country. The BBC has unfortunately shown its true pro remain bias since the EU referendum result. It continues with “look what you have done now” anti Brexit headlines.

Since the result, I have complained 3 times to the BBC and copied my comments to my MP. In sheer frustration and in an attempt to make my point, I sent this tongue in cheek complaint to BBC radio 5 live.

“I would like to thank the BBC news department for helping me to gain a better understanding of why I may have voted to leave the EU. I am grateful for the realization that I may be missguided, probably voted in protest, uneducated, expert ignoring, racially intolerant, inward looking, economy wrecking, pound devaluing, stock market crashing, turmoil creating, town dividing, family dividing, Glastonbury ruining, youth ignoring, Sturgeon & Salmond fueling, middle aged (or older) selfish oik. And for reminding me that I probably now regretted my vote, didnt understand its consequences and that I was probably poised to sign the growing petition for an immediate rerun of the referendum.

For one awful moment, I thought I may have been a relatively normal, below average income, hardworking, compassionate, charity giving, always feeling totally European, member of the public that just wanted to have greater democracy, a more accountable government and just a little more control returned to our Country. I feel awful that I may have dared to think that it may be worth a little short term financial uncertainty, so that the UK could create a better long term future for itself and to become a democratic voice for all those in Europe that need a voice. It is very important the BBC give plenty of air time to the individual cases of real hardship inflicted on the gracious vote accepting remainers and keep the 17 million brexit voting oiks in their place with plenty of punishing “look what you`ve done” articles. I feel I must make a particular apology to the young lady, interviewed by the BBC at Glastonbury, that voted remain and might not be able to do quite as much travelling in Australia next year as she might not be able to buy as many dollars with her pound. Just how bad can it get? All I can do is apologize, I hope over time my shame diminishes.

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  1. tony moore

    Brilliant letter! I must admit I penned something similar in the Guardian – nowhere near as good as this! – to complain that, as a hard working Media Studies graduate, Brexit had just ruined my planned a year off, which my dad had saved up nearly a week to fund. Do these racist, intolerant xenophobes not understand the importance of being part of the international community and how important it is, for our young people, to go and sample international culture? Now, with petrol prices sky-rocketing, WW3 imminent, race hate crime completely out of control and Britain shutting its borders and becoming a continent on its own, I hope the older generation are satisfied at ruining all our lives!

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