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Constant anti brexit bias on the BBC online. I have complained directly to the BBC previously. No response and no change. They constantly give airtime to anti brexit doomsday pessimists and bury all positive economic news. Take today for instance – – this is, frankly, nonsense. But of course he gets airtime. Everything is about how bad things might be, how bad things could be, one wonders if the BBC would like to see things actually go bad so they could be proved right in all of their pessimistic forecasts. Yet, none of it has actually come to pass in the way that the BBC and the Remain campaign predicted it would – i.e. total economic collapse. Quite the opposite.
The BBC’s negative and biased reporting is a disgrace. The corporation is supposed to be impartial. 52% of this company voted leave – a vote for self-determination as TM pointed out in the letter triggering article 50. Not a vote to leave Europe – we are not leaving Europe!
And as for Laura Kneussberg, or whatever her name is, her clear anti brexit bias in all of her reporting is so irritating that I now have to change the channel when she comes on. Another pessimistic online whinge today –
I voted leave because I truly believe it is the best way to go for all of the citizens in this country – I am an EU national living in the UK. It’s disgraceful to paint us as a racist minority. We are the majority and the majority of us are not racist and do not have an issue with immigration so long as it is controlled in a way that the country can support. The majority of us voted against an increasingly autocratic European Union which told us directly that it had no intention of changing. Personally, I found the EU’s ability to make dirty deals we had no say in completely unsupportable (take the disgusting Greece/Turkey migrant “swap” deal, for example, “let’s swap one desperate human being for another and shove the less worthy one off to Turkey so we don’t have to deal with the problem” – disgusting).
BBC, stop taking taxpayers money and reporting only one side of the story.

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