BBC News OnLine

On a day when the papers (including the Guardian) reported the great news for the UK that Britain has the world’s top economy after Brexit and that the banks and economists admit they got it badly wrong for predicting the exact opposite post-brexit, the BBC chose to run away to the other side of the atlantic and reported as their main headline something nasty Joe Biden said about Trump. Joe Biden means nothing to the UK and his views are not newsworthy. His opinion reflects someone from the losing side who has himself lost his political job because of Trump’s victory. Most people in the UK wouldn’t even know who he was. Trump isn’t even our leader. The BBC simply cannot bare to report good news about Brexit because they campaigned so hard against it by their biased reporting. They’re still doing it today. Times: “Britian has world’s top economy after Brexit”. Telegraph: “Brexit call was Bank’s ‘Micahel Fish’ error”. Gaurdian: “Economics in crisis, admits Bank expert”. BBC Number 1 Top story: “Joe Biden urges Trump to ‘grow up'”. I have taken screen shots of the BBC news website on the papers to show this but don’t know how to submit them here.

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