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‘Brexit: Tears, fears and questions as children react to Leave vote’

BBC post Brexit coverage, particularly the more emotive stuff like personal opinion, has been divisive, accusatory towards leave voters (who they clearly disapprove of) and biased towards those who are upset with the democratic result for Brexit.

Over the last few days they’ve given us reactions from every conceivable group imaginable but always dominated by those who feel aggrieved at the result, from tear stained teens bemoaning how old people have ruined their lives to reactions from a queue at Wimbledon (why?). Almost everyone to whom they have spoken is either deeply saddened or vaguely neutral on the subject. Invariably they have thrown in one leave supporter just to give a half hearted impression that they are representing a balance of opinion. May I point out, in case BBC missed it, the leave side won and therefore surely they should’ve met more people jubilant at the result than those distressed by it.

Today they scraped the bottom of the barrel with their reactions from school children, all apparently devastated by the leave vote. Using posts from parents on social media as a tool, BBC have reported upon tweets etc where children, obviously of parents who had supported the remain side of the argument, had expressed an negative response to Brexit. Primary school children reflect the views that their parents espouse and voice those opinions as their own, simple. Again, I dare say the Beeb could’ve found many examples where children were expressing the pleasure their parents were enjoying at wining the referendum, but they didn’t, thus giving the impression that almost every 8-10 year old in the nation has become deeply depressed by the referendum outcome.

The BBC are tugging at the nation’s heart strings with this focus upon negative reactions to Brexit, especially whilst using the young and the very young to make older voters feel guilty for exercising their democratic right. Does it not occur to the BBC that they are trying to make a lot of over 25s, parents and especially vulnerable pensioners feel guilty. Is it their desire to distress pensioners, I repeat often VULNERABLE older people?

It is obviously the BBC’s mandate to perpetuate and stir up the divisions in the nation which the referendum has caused. They are inciting resentment and hatred with this type of reporting. I dare say the BBC’s ultimate goal is to secure a second referendum by which time they will have made enough people feel so utterly ashamed of their original leave vote that a remain victory would be inevitable. Dream on BBC.

The BBC have plumbed new depth with this. Our National Broadcaster has a duty to assist unifying the country with balanced upbeat reporting.

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