bbc news, newsnight, question time, today (radio 4)

I complained about BBC 2 Newsnight; Radio 4 “Today”;”Question Time”; BBC News 24; about consistent bias with coverage of items and interviewers: “Throughout this time of EU debate I have been thoroughly shocked at the extreme partiality shown by interviewers on the BBC – whether it be John Humphrys biting aggressively into Boris Johnson, not allowing him to speak without rude, violent and, yes, unintelligent dog-in-the-bone harassment; or on Newsnight the Leader of the House of Commons being interrupted (agreed less violently) by Evan, whilst listening quietly with no interruption to “remain” guests. My reply from BBC: “We do not believe your complaint has raised a significant issue of general importance that might justify further investigation”.
What issue is of greater importance?

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