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Martine Croxall interview of Professor Richard Whitman following Boris Johnson speech in Kent, calling for a Brexit agreement with the EU on the lines of Canadian terms. Prof Whitman was described as representing a non-partisan organisation. What was not explained was that he is an ardent pro-EU supporter. For example, his presentation to the IIEA on 20 October 2015, extolling the virtues of EU membership with regard to Foreign and Security matters.
Prof Whitman was then invited to analyse the problems with a Canadian-style agreement, as if Mr Johnson had proposed a verbatim deal. He had not. He had merely suggested something akin to the Canadian format. It was therefore a wholly misleading discussion about Brexit terms which were not being proposed with someone who is pro-EU, yet implied to be neutral. Nor was anyone from the Brexit campaigns invited to offer a balanced debate.
Another example of pro-EU misinformation from the BBC

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