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Sly BBC presentation of pro-EU economic news. A trend is appearing. Pro-EU economic analysis is presented as credible and irrefutable fact on main BBC News bulletins. Those being the ones millions of voters watch. No detailed scrutiny is attempted on these main bulletins, leaving the viewer with an impression of certainty. Yet, on hardly watched BBC output, very good scrutiny does take place which completely rubbishes the same pro-EU analysis. The result being millions viewing a pro-EU message and only thousands viewing a duly impartial analysis of it. 2 examples. 1) main News presentation of IMF/OECD/Treasury etc forecasts of Brexit doom, yet only on Daily Politics 27 May, Andrew Neil exposes the abject failure and unreliability of these forecasters, with an eminent pro-EU Professor admitting their shortcomings. 2) the recent Observer 88% of economists survey, broadcast as such by main News bulletins. Only the website article 29 May on Tony Blair honestly admits only 17% of the 3818 surveyed actually responded, and it was 88% of that tiny figure. So, actually, the main News should have made very clear that only 15% of economists responded in that way. How many millions of viewers now believe the figure is 88%! We simply cannot trust the BBC with EU matters

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  1. Susan M Grainger

    Have been aware for a long time about how biased the BBC are towards anything positive to do with leaving the EU. Unfortunately for the corporation since the successful leave vote last year things have gone very well thanks to Theresa May and the Conservative
    When the election was called I was horrified because I knew all the lefty media including of course the BBC would do every thing they could to destroy her credibility.
    Well I was right!!!
    Who runs the BBC these day?
    Shame on you.
    I was born in England and so were my parents their parents etc etc etc
    Would be nice if there was a tiny part of the BBC that represents me
    Shame on you all
    NO Kind Regards
    Susan grainger

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