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The bbc have been biased to the remain campaign throughout. I wrote two emails to and received no feedback. Since the result they have continued to be biased in their reporting. Misrepresenting the markets which are irrelevant at this stage anyway. They are deliberately trying to stir up trouble so that their scaremongering propaganda has more chance of coming true. They allow the remainers to continue their diatribe against the people. The news blackout on the troubles in Europe is continuing and their coverage of the petition to redo the referendum is as ridiculous as the petition itself.
The bbc should be impartial but it should also be taking a positive approach to our new found confidence and belief in self determination.
The people have spoken and their eyes have been opened to the bbc bias. We have taken on the elites and won. We will be quite happy to take on the bbc if necessary.

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  1. D L M Stringer

    Excellent comment. Well done super cooper.

    The problem with the BBC presenters is that they think they are better than everyone else. Perhaps they are in financial terms for they are grossly overpaid with our money. However, they are not in any other terms and not in intellectual ability. It is easy to know in advance and plan one’s questions. It is much harder for the person answering. If there was an unbiased BBC then fair enough, but what we are facing is nothing less than a propaganda machine!

    In my opinion, there should be a way that the majority who voted in the referendum should be able to force an immediate change in the way the BBC misbehaves and abuses its position.

  2. Martin Conley

    This is nothing new. As a BBC studio manager in the 1970’s I saw the beeb was far from impartial but dedicated to promoting subliminal left wing views right across the output. Not surprising as it drew its ideas from the universities who supplied their staff.

    That generation also completely infiltrated the education system and the result is under 40’s who are frighteningly homogenous and lacking ability for original thought. They come with only one idea – to destroy and reconstruct the established order. They are the core of the BBC and now the EU remainers who think European culture is innately superior to Little England.

    Unfortunately it is mostly the older people who can see the long path that is leading to our
    ‘brave new world’. The younger generation cling to learned prejudices and dogmas and have little interest in 20th C history. They prefer fantasy. They run the BBC and the centres of learning and it’s increasingly futile to oppose their thinking. They just can’t cope with different points of view. Only time and life experience will slowly enlighten them.

  3. Martin Conley

    What did I say?..Sunday BBC R4 news gave the first 25 minutes to Tony Blair ….who concurred with the dangerous idea that the result of a democratic referendum might well be reversed if ‘the people’ demanded. Come on you remainers – let’s have a proper uprising.

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