The first 20 minutes of the BBC news last night was basically a REMAIN advert…. I’m not even sure a lot of the content even qualified as news. Truly the most biased news program i have ever seen from the BBC and broadcast during the week of the vote. I am not sure what the BBC have been promised but i hope it was worth it – my eyes have been opened.
“Fortunately for serious minds a bias recognized is a bias sterilized”

One Comment on ““BBC NEWS AT TEN”

  1. D L M Stringer

    Agree, saw that myself.
    Just watched the PM on the BBC website (Daily politics) interviewed by Laura K. Nothing surprising in that. However, she did not really interrupt him and did not put him under any pressure. Even so it was clear he was uncomfortable in answering any questions! Compare that to Marr and Neill interviews of Leave campaigners! An utter disgrace and total propaganda by the now infamous BBC.

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