BBC News at ten

Oh my goodness the BBC are relentless! Here we go again. They single out the most racist bigoted idiots for interviews and ask them if the immigrants should be sent back now. Interviewing a thug with a swastica tattoo as if he represents the majority who voted for Brexit. Asking people about the promises that “they” made (ie them vs us. I thought the BBC were supposed to be impartial?) They are just trying to stir up hatred between the immigrants and these obvious extremist types as if they represent the normal joe public who have voted out. The BBC license payers should all stop paying en mass and these biased luvvies should be sacked!

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  1. D L M Stringer

    Excellent post!
    Perhaps what we should do is to start a petition online asking for a debate to decide the fate of the BBC. It certainly cannot be allowed to continue this vile hatred of over 17,000,000 citizens. The petition should make clear that failure to take appropriate, forceful action against this racist organisation would result in civil disobedience – refusing to pay the licence fee! Yes, the BBC is racist! For the most part it describes Leave voters as “white working class” and then states they are poorly educated or the more emotive “of low education”! In my book that is racism!
    I wonder how many people remember the case of an elderly Polish couple in South London? The husband fled Poland after the Nazi invasion and joined the RAF. He fought throughout WW2. When, after the war, the couple were being subjected to black on white racism, all the local authorities refused any help whatsoever claiming that such behaviour was not racist and only whites can be racist! I remember that included the local race relations people! Eventually, they got justice, but that racist attitude still prevails in powerful organisations in the UK, not least the BBC and in some universities! ACTION MUST BE TAKEN ASAP!

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