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George Aligia talks to Dominic Sandford (Home Affairs).
Nice balanced piece up until George does the “REALITY CHECK” with Dominic.
“.. if the UK left the EU in theory migration from the EU could be stopped. However, at the moment of leaving we would want to do a trade deal with the EU. When Switzerland for example, did they had to accept freedom of movement rules and now they have a higher proportion of EU citizens than we do. To get out of that they’d have to abandon their trade deal……”
Absolutely no mention that we could have a trade deal not like Switzerland, he could have said we could have a unique deal, he could have said that without free movement our deal could be not as good as Switzerland etc..
The point is that the facts were not being presented.

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  1. Mike Stringer

    Question! Who wants to trade with the EU? Take for example the scandal of the German car industry and its fraudulent behaviour about exhaust figures. When caught, they admitted the fraud. The loss to owners of these cars is considerable in resale value. Have the Germans offered to compensate British owners? NO! Have they offered to compensate American owners? Yes they have! Is the USA in the EU? Q.E.D.

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