BBC News and current affairs

Some observations of my experience with BBC complaints:
I made a general complaint to the BBC about its lack of impartiality over its presentation of the Brexit campaign identifying clear bias towards the Remain campaign. I also pointed out as a concern, the BBC’s format of selective reporting using chosen opinion leaders, and I further went on to discuss the dominant use of editorial comment and opinions in BBC News in favour of just reporting the facts as a means of influencing public opinion.
I received a very nice answer, which unfortunately didn’t acknowledge any of the concerns I raised, but described the BBCs high standards of impartiality and the great lengths they go to for balanced reporting.
The sensation was rather like being covered in warm fudge. I am pleased that the BBC made such a detailed answer but it is clear that political and behavioural attitudes towards selected interests at the BBC are un-waivered and continue unabated despite of the News Night Jimmy Savile scandal, and other demonstrable examples of bias and self interest. which draw complaints towards our erudite and amazingly unaccountable broadcasting institution.

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