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Tonight’s news featured both the speech by John Major – highly critical of leave campaigners from the Conservative party – and, also, Christine Lagarde’s comments when presenting the IMF’s latest report on the UK economy. These were reported with language worded to affirm the opinions expressed as fact; but worse than this there was only minimal reference to counter claims by those from the leave side of the debate.
This was just the latest of a string of headline items on the 10 o-clock news from the BBC where a speech or comment from some figure warning of risks of leaving the EU lead the report with only minimal time being given to, or comments being reported from, those who favour leaving.
On the previous night it was Mark Carney’s speech that lead the news. Again there was on passing reference to those with differing views. The item was presented in a tone which was to all intents and purposes saying – well this was Mark Carney – he must be right. Kamal Ahmed was asked to comment on this and simply affirmed what the Governor had said with only a brief aside suggesting there were some with differing views.
A few days before there was a major speech by Cameron about the risk of increasing tensions between nations if we leave. The same day Boris Johnson made a major speech also. Yet the news lead on Cameron. His main theme was the headline item. Very little voice was given to Boris Johnson’s speech. This type of thing has occurred night after night and is the most grotesque bias I can ever recall seeing. It is so blatant.
I speak as one who has always intended to vote to remain in the EU, but there needs to be a fair fight. I am staggered that there is not more complaints from the leave campaign about this.

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