I’m completely fed up of listening to BBC bias on issues such as BREXIT, Donald Trump, Putin, Christianity, Men, and anything British.
Why should I be forced to pay a TV tax for something that represents me, IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM!
As a proud Black British man the BBC, has and shows “NOTHING” that represents me and I’m totally disgusted that the BBC do not bother to have equal representation or balance to any issue apart from their left wing narrative.
What’s also disgusting is that there is no principled Politician, Ofcom or media person who’s willing to put their head above the Pulpit and challenge or comment on this obvious and blatant bias.

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  1. D L M Stringer

    Absolutely spot on! The BBC is a national disgrace beyond any doubt whatsoever. I think it essential that everyone on this website should write to their MP and TELL them what they need to do if they want your vote in any future elections.

  2. bob newman

    Having watched & trusted the BBC for 50 years I now feel very disappointed in the quality &trustworthiness of bbc reporting. Over emphasis on political correctness, diversity & left wing preference has lost my trust. Their bias toward remain & David Dimbleby’s offensive reporting f the referendum- inferring all those in the North East voting for Brexit were ill educated (had no degrees apparently.Apalling- I can watch RT if I want propaganda.
    I watch France24 now.

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