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Complaint about the BBC with holding facts about the couple who want to move away from the UK because of Brexit, i notice some questions were left out like how long they have the couple lived inside the UK and also could they apply for British Citizenship, if they could this means that the BBC is being biased by not letting viewers know how long the couple have been in the UK and could they apply for to become a British citizen, i will paste the conditions that allow people to become British citizens below this information was obtained from the government site, this is yet another case of bad reporting from the BBC.

And you must usually have:

lived in the UK for at least the 5 years before the date of your application
spent no more than 450 days outside the UK during those 5 years
spent no more than 90 days outside the UK in the last 12 months
had settlement (‘indefinite leave to remain’) in the UK for the last 12 months if you’re from outside the European Economic Area (EEA)
had permanent residence status for the last 12 months if you’re a citizen of an EEA country – you need to provide a permanent residence document
not broken any immigration laws while in the UK

There are different requirements if your spouse or civil partner is a British citizen.

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