BBC News

Reporting on the probability that scientific researcher’s will lose grants and small to medium sized companies may have to lay off staff because of the EU funding for scientific research being withdrawn. This is a one-sided and biased view and should have been balanced by some facts – or even some other scenarios, as the BBC was not using facts in their report. For example, The European Research Area (ERA) is the structure that facilitates all science programmes and collaboration that are funded by the EU, and yet includes associated non-EU countries such as Norway, Turkey, Iceland, Serbia and Israel, the last of which is not even located within Europe. In other words, science collaboration within the EU’s own ERA does not depend on EU membership, but sadly, several pro-EU commentators continue to promote the mistaken belief that it does. Another possibility for any potential losses of funding may be the uncertainty because of the reluctance of the government failing to comit a date to triggering Article 50, leaving many to believe that the democratic vote to leave the EU will be ignored, or perhaps another referendum held until a vote to remain is won.

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