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Checked the BBC news online at around 11 a.m on Saturday the 30th. Opened the politics page and saw headline was (again) some guff about Labour tackling it’s anti Semitic problem (so they should but scarcely headline material ). Just below that was something more interesting, ‘City to ‘thrive’ after Brexit say bosses’, a story apparently from the previous day although I’m certain it wasn’t there throughout Friday 29th April and I do check for news updates a lot every day. It seems to have materialised from the depths of some BBC cyber vault of stories they hope to suppress. Anyway, aside from the fact that if this had been a pro remain story it would have been elevated above Jeremy Corbyn’s laughable attempts to control his own party (bias with which we are all familiar) .The Brexit boss story was relegated to an even lowlier position on the business page where surely it should’ve been a leading story but no. The headline on the business page was : ‘Mobile roaming charges cut within EU’ (suprise, surprise) an article which praises the benevolence of the glorious EU for assisting mobile device addicts to download piccies etc from their phones whilst topping up their tans. Of course I realise that these charges are unfair and business people as well as holiday makers will benefit from the scrapping of roaming charges but the crux of the story was undoubtedly an appeal to younger people to vote in just to keep these measures in place. As, the BBC concede, this ‘scrapping’ is not an EU directive any government after Brexit could choose whether to keep the policy or not. I do think it’s sad that BBC think such a trivial issue can persuade people to vote in. In order to find the pro Brexit bosses story you had to scroll down a fair bit on the business page, it did not make it to the home page and it was not included in the televised midday news.
Also, on politics page tucked on the right hand side there is a headline, ‘Farage blasts Vote Leave’ when you click on it the headline at the top of the article actually reads ‘EU referendum: Nigel Farage tells Leave campaigners to focus on migration.’, hang on isn’t there something of a discrepancy there? When you read the article there is no indication that Farage was blasting anyone. Could it be that BBC were using a misleading headline to imply divisions in the Brexit camp?
Are there no depths to which BBC won’t sink just to get a remain vote?

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