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Usual BBC biased and manipulated headline, in this case ‘Tim Peake ‘Brexit will affect science’. Listen to the 40 second interview, Tim Peake actually says ‘The UKs participation is not affected by the EU referendum….The UK is still firmly a member of the European Space Agency. There are concerns about how it will affect science but we will move forward and make the best for Britain out of this decision’. I AM SICK OF THE BBC’S PERSISTANT AND BLATANT ANTI-BREXIT STANCE. THE PEOPLE OF THE UK DISMISSED THEIR PRO REMAIN PROPAGANDA PRIOR TO THE 23RD JUNE BY VOTING TO LEAVE AND YET THE SO CALLED IMPARTIAL BBC CONTINUE TO SCAREMONGER AND EVEN TWIST WHAT PEOPLE SAY INTO THEIR ‘BREXIT IS BAD’ MANTRA. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT IT URGENTLY.

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  1. Will Goodall

    Totally Agree – have already suggested for example that BBC rename Newsnight – the EVAN DAVIES SHOW
    This would be at least more honest.
    The technique he uses of constantly talking over his guests means many of his interviews degenerate into a bad tempered row and are no more than a platform for his and his Producers frustrations over the democratic process.
    However Newsnights problems go deeper than Evan Davies inability to think straight when challenged. I am disturbed by how it constantly foments division under the guise of journalism. What our nation needs now are positive constructive media thinkers who will help to buildup not breakdown. The country has made its decision. To attempt to redefine democracy is a very dangerous road.
    The Producers of Newsnight should look at RT’s Oksana Boyka interviews – a class act compared to the pot-noodle, Evan Davies, serves up

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