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Even though the majority voted out, the benefits of leaving have not been fully realised the bbc still focus on the petition to have a second referendum. 17million wanted out, a mile away from the 4 million remainders (many fake names ) that have fuelled this petition. As soon as we stop respecting democracy we are no better than a dictatorship. The decision to leave give us control of our own destiny, whatever we decide that is. These were the promised of the leave campaign, promises they have given us. To criticise the leave campaign for not having a plan and to concentrate on the public panic by this lack of plan is so biased towards remain. The union was in place for 40 years, it will then obviously take some time to make a plan, and to put this plan into action. The remain said and the bbc coverage of them complaining a plan wasn’t instantly implemented is again biased. Can’t the BBC report on some of the millions of normal Britons who voted out and are actually pleased ?

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  1. D L M Stringer

    The BBC has been working towards a left wing dictatorship in this country for many years! They are thugs and bullies. Just compare the aggression towards any political figure who is centre or right of centre to the treatment of politicians to the left or far left.

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