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BBC News had a report setting out the differences between the demographics associated with the EU elections and in particular those between Harlow, who voted leave , and Islington, who voted remain.
The piece included an interview with a member of staff from a cafe in Islington who was presented as young, healthy and attractive. The cafe was presented as young and vibrant and a product of self-motivated individual enterprise where intelligent and savvy people would frequent. This individual was explaining her thoughts on the election and how she could not understand why people had voted for the UK to leave. She explained herself that she could not understand this even though she was highly educated. The piece then cut to Harlow and another cafe which could be described as a “greasy spoon” type establishment. The voice over explained that the cafe was staffed by mostly immigrants. The person interviewed was elderly and appeared to have lived a hard and laboured life with a basic education given her accent and use of words. This person had obviously being asked why she had voted leave and was explaining that she did so because of immigration. Her thoughts were that immigrants should return to their country of origin.
The whole piece presented the remain campaigners as young, educated, sensible and progressive individuals as opposed to the leave voter who was presented as old, bigoted and a section of society that is looked down upon. This appears to be a recurrent theme for the BBC in the aftermath of the EU result and, in my opinion, is biased, unfair and misrepresenting those people that voted to leave.

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  1. Virginia Immergluck

    Surely everyone must accept by now that the BBC is stuffed with left wing, liberal London-centric luvvies who will, almost to a man (and woman) have been rooting for ‘remain’. They must be absolutely aghast that their smug, self-satisfied certainties have been shrugged off by so many people.

    I fall into that demographic who believes that my parents and grandparents did not fight in two world wars to preserve Britain’s independence only to see that hard-won independence thrown away by Brussels’ stealth tactics. We do not want ‘deeper integration’ with continental European countries at the expense of our own sovereignty, which would be the inevitable consequence of remaining in the EU. Immigration is not the issue, despite the BBC trying to make us (the ‘leave’ voters) appear as racists. I acknowledge the contribution that many immigrants make to our economy and no-one who is prepared to work and pay their taxes should be discouraged from coming here to live,

    The markets will settle eventually and who knows what trade deals will be struck, despite the appalling posturing of EU officials who are still trying to order our lives viz. the demand that we trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty as soon as possible when they know full well that it is up to us to decide when we trigger it, Shame on the BBC for not making this point crystal clear and ramming it home again and again.

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