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Every time I see any report about brexit the people who are aired by the BBC are making horrible xenophobic comments. Brexit is being portrayed as the English being xenophobic when they want freedom of lawmaking among other things this is not racism. This is not about Europeans at all it is about the eu regulations and the fact that people want to have control in their own country. All this negativity is being judged by the world and the reporting does appear to show a scared or xenophobic public. The public voted for change not for a divide in nationalities. Stop the propaganda. Scotland is also being filmed as remain shouting migrants are welcome here, BBC are whipping up a storm between north and south and also not portraying the general exit persons economically lead views at all.

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  1. Steven

    Totally agree with “annoyed remain voter”. BBC are at it again on tonight’s news (27-06-16) showing blatantly bigoted racist thugs with swastica tattoos and asking them if they think the immigrants should go “back to where they came from”! These people are not representative of the 17 million who voted to get their democracy back! The BBC are deliberately singling out extremist idiots to cause a rift. It’s diabolical. The BBC should be stripped of their public funding and prosecuted for breaching their legal obligation to be impartial.

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