BBC News

I’m not usually one to complain…. but I have just watched the news, and am concerned that all the post Brexit coverage has high lighted a ‘doom and gloom’ approach. Lots of ‘snippets’ of the negatives, but did I miss the positives somehow? What about Obamas reaction “The United Kingdom and the European Union will remain indispensable partners of the United States… ” Why arent we told about the business that have said they will stay, not just about the ones threatening to go? As an ‘educated’ person with a degree and post graduate professional qualification I am horrified by the way the BBC and the media are presenting what seems to be a biased response. The ‘remain’ vote was not exclusivey for the ‘educated’! Nor was Brexit exclusively about immigration… yet this is so often the emphasis of interviews! Please, please, give us the views of both sides but present the postives and negatives of both! When Brexit voters are interviewed, they seem to focus mainly on older people and ‘council’ estate residents… (as we are informed!!!… which smacks of snobbery!) Across the media, it seems so called ‘educated’ people are interviewed to represent remain… this gives a VERY biased picture! We keep getting told about the impact on the young… maybe an interview with some equally ‘educated’ parents who voted ‘out’ and some who voted ‘in’ and asking them why they thought this would help their childrens futures would be a good place to start a more open discussion? As it is, Brexiters are experiencing bully boy attitudes in the aftermath… we dont want it from the BBC too!

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