BBC News

Post the people’s democratic vote to leave the EU the BBC reporting has been entirely negative and clearly seems to suggest the British public has made the wrong choice. An example of its bias is of the people they chose to show being pleased at the result such as the man who suggested should we vote remain the IRA should bomb the channel tunnel or the woman on benefits complaining immigrants have taken her council house – these are not examples of vote leave voters, they have deliberately chosen to show negative examples of people who made this choice trying to. elicit hatred and belittling people who voted leave. They have shown much more coverage to the people questioning or campaigning against the vote than any positive message. They are showing all their reports with a negative spin for example the online headline how other countries reacted to Brexit in one word :”insane” ! When you actually watch the full report many people were saying positive comments such as happy or supportive but the picture the BBC chose to show is the one saying “insane.” They are scaremongering and are spinning their stories in a negative fashion. This is a public funded corporation! It is just plain bias and wrong that they are not fairly showing the reactions and consequences of the UK leaving the EU

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