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I turned on the BBC News which I seldom watch and was surprised to see an interview taking place in the market place in Banbury where I heard a businessman, who I later found out is a man named Lord Digby-Jones, being positive about Britain as an open and successful country. He spoke of Britain with passion and love. When the interview ended the cameras went to a presenter in London, whose name I researched as being Naga Munchetty. I was shocked to hear that she immediately felt at liberty to put his enthusiasm and love of country down by saying words to the effect of: “Boasting is very unattractive” as she then went onto present her next item.
My love of Britain has grown over the years particularly through the study of Vedanta, the philosophy of India, which takes a spiritual view of the motherland and teaches that one must love and serve one’s country. Also, I admire and respect President Modi of India who encourages Indians to love and be proud of India and its unique attributes.
Why are we told by the BBC that we cannot express our love and pride in our nation? Is it because it is biased in favour of a global agenda or because it has no knowledge of the ancient spiritual teachings on love of country?

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  1. Michael

    I watched the same news item and I believe you caught that one wrong. Naga Munchetty said ‘boasting is very unattractive’ when the presenter interviewing Lord Digby-Jones boasted about the amount of cakes and bread available at the farmers market where he was.
    I do agree with you, though, that love and pride in our nation should be celebrated. The BBC, unfortunately, only allows this if you are any other nationality than English. If you’re Scottish and you’re fighting an independence referendum, St Andrews flags will be flying everywhere on television, The Flower of Scotland will be sung on every street corner, general joviality ensues. If you’re English, pride can only feasibly be celebrated during, say, a jubilee. If you wave the St George’s flag for any other occasion, we’re accused of being nationalistic, populist, thuggish, even racist. The EU has been trying to stamp out nationalism in member states for a while, the BBC only wants to stamp out English pride.
    I hate being cynical and I hate complaining but the BBC have insulted too many people too often. One day, someone with backbone will put an end to it.

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