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I have no involvement in politics but I have been quite shocked at the way the BBC has been used as a propoganda platform throughout the EU
referendum. The method has often been quite subtle and some effort obviously is made to appear unbiased. These people are obviously professionals.
The format is usually to present a statement made by a pro EU Establishment or celebrity figure, The statement (usually an opinion) is presented as the main theme theme and is thus given the the kudos and weight of being the main factual presentation whilst the opposing view is merely presented merely as a reply/ objection to the grand central statement.
The statement is often given additional importance by being the main news headline, when in fact it is just someones opinion with absolutely no basis in fact as was the case ths morning concerning with the headline status of the PRO REMAIN views of an american billionare. It is quite difficult to describe exactly the subtle way in which the BBC has been used but it is nevertheless quite frightening.

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  1. Ian Jenkins

    Absolutely concur – I have witnessed so much of this in the last three weeks, I have resorted to complaining to the BBC Directly, not that it will make a difference. Two things on the plus side for Vote Leave – I am close to the off-button so won’t allow BBC Omni-presence in my Lounge and secondly; when fair-minded people smell a rat they usually go for the underdog! Unintended consequences for the BEEB ? I really hope so

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