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I’ve just seen Mrs Kinnock being interviewed by the BBC commenting on the terrible death of MP Jo Cox. As the interview went on the interviewer turned to questions about nastiness in politics.
Mrs Kinnock then used this to her pro EU stance and effectively turned a terrible terrorist act into a platform for the Remain camp.
The interviewer did nothing to interrupt what was becoming a cynical point scoring exercise for Remain in the EU.
Let me be clear. Her comments somehow linking the Leave campaign and nastiness in politics and this terrible act by a lone lunatic with a gun was nothing short of disgusting. The interviewer however let her carry on down this track uninterrupted. I thought he should have stopped her and moved back to the point in question i.e. The murder of a sitting MP and security.
I thought this showed bias by the BBC letting Mrs Kinnock mention Europe and the referendum in an artical that had nothing to do with either.
It smacks of biased reporting at a time four days away from a referendum maybe the most important ever in our Country.
The very least the interviewer should have clarified that there was no link between Europe and this awful act but instead let her blithely carry on making her points.
I am very angry about this sort of thing I feel that if Nigel Farage (not that he ever would stoop so low) had made the same link for the opposition he would have been stopped in his tracks.
BBC bias for a government that pays their way with our money.
Shame on you.

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