BBC News 24

The continuing lack of impartial reporting from BBC News 24 BBC News 24 – too much spin and too few facts:
What is distasteful over the current events of the weekend is that everyone appears to be on a band wagon indicating that the National reduction in Police Officers equates to the reason that the recent improvised terrorist attacks succeeded. The reality is the way in which these attacks occurred is hard if not impossible to predict – a person clearly bent on such action can simply decide to just pick a target and attack without warning. Fostering the idea that Teresa May is responsible is totally deplorable and inappropriate at this time. This is a serious problem and there is no one solution and above all no one person to blame, a fact that some people in power fail to see.
We all need to work together not play a blame game which seems to be what the BBC presenters are generating. I have watched the BBC over BREXIT and on many occasions I have found them to be objectionable and biased – which decries their remit to provide factual and unbiased news – there appears to be a good deal of supposing going on. The BBC has a responsibility – their freedom to report on any subject is a privilege – personal preferences should not spill over into any reporting.
I am saddened at the way they have behaved and the air time given to those that would divide us as a Nation over those who would seek to Unite us all.

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