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I am writing to compalin about ongoingbias in bbc coverage regarding eu referendum. Economic reporter Steph McGovern provided roundup of paper coverage and focused on one financial papers reports on fall in sterling price after polls showed increased support of brexit. She also foucused on financial uncertaintly in american market as reported in another paper as result of concerns relating to brexit campaign. In same piece she also focused on list of most powerful women-Merkel and lagarde and scottish first minister-all high profile people in favour of remain. Such shameless bias by this journalist I can no longer watch bbc newd and have now switched to itv moring programme instead for more impartial coverage.

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  1. Michael

    The problem here is you won’t get impartial viewing on ITV either. I watched their shameless pro EU bias last night on the Cameron vs Farage debate – it made the BBC look like pro leave advocates.
    BBC/ITV/Channel 4/Sky – it doesn’t matter who you turn to, they all have a vested interest in Remain and will promote it as such. Since ITV & Channel 4 rely on advertising, they can do what they want – BBC don’t have that luxury. We pay their wages and as such should expect balanced and impartial reporting.

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